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Approov is a Mobile App security system that seamlessly allows only your genuine mobile apps to authenticate with a protected backend API, allowing only your apps access to your protected private data.
Integrating Approov into your existing API infrastructure requires your backend API to have the functionality to decode and validate tokens to allow your Mobile Applications, and only your applications, access to your API data.
This e-book describes a simple cost effective serverless cloud based secure reverse proxy that sits inside a cloud provider between your mobile app in the public space and your existing API backend.
This independent API authentication layer secures access to your API data by validating requests using Approov JSON Web Tokens (JWT). We explain how to build this solution using AWS serverless lambda functions, AWS API Gateway, and choosing whether to enable the use of the internal data and token Caches, how to configure transaction logging, and methods to monitor and manage this environment. We will also formulate example operational costs and transactional performance, including expected timings for request handling and data  turnaround times.
AWS API Gateway was chosen for the number and range of features available, while you only need to pay for what you use. There are also many other additional AWS services and features that can be added and configured in the future if so desired. Full source code is available on github.